Tuesday, 25 November 2014

outfit: blue bouclé miniskirt

cropped turtleneck - Primark
tweed/boucle miniskirt - Opening Ceremony via charity shop (similar here)
ankle boots - T K Maxx

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Lady Gaga's artRAVE - my outfit+more!

Eeek!!! So last month (October 26th) I was lucky enough to go the artRAVE at the O2! I may have mentioned a *few* times, but I'm a huge Lady Gaga fan. Like, seriously. You might remember this post from when I went to see her a few years back. Well, this time was no different; meticulous outfit planning was involved and I had so much fun putting this look together from start to finish!

When it comes to Gaga, it's definitely go hard or go home for me. As the boundary-pushing style icon she's known and loved as, it seemed rude not to go all out! There were so many looks, moods, themes, eras (and meat) for me draw inspiration from, but I'm really happy with the few that picked to include as I wanted the look to be quintessential Gaga but also very Sinéad!

Allow me to explain...

  1. Donatella Versace: Ever since those unforgettable few months back in 2011 when Gaga was seen in nothing but archive vintage Versace whilst promoting her album 'Born This Way' (some of my favourite Gaga looks ever - this and this especially), Gaga and Versace have enjoyed a longstanding, fine-fashion-fuelled friendship. From front row at shows to being the face of this Summer's campaign, I think GagaSace (as I fondly call it) is truly a match made in heaven. Who better to embody the fierce, feminine glamour the Italian house is so renowned for? This friendship extends beyond the clothes as Gaga and Donatella are good friends, so much so that Gaga wrote and named a song after her on ARTPOP (incidentally one of my favourites on the album - listen here). To channel Versace I opted for this Versace-eque belt that used to be my mum's, and also incorporated the famous Greek key pattern with my headpiece (which you can't really see in this photo).
  2. G.U.Y music video: One of my favourite looks in this masterpiece of a music video was this gold cupid-esque look. The gold catsuit I'm wearing was a much more modest take on it (which I sure was grateful for in the cold...), and I actually found it in a charity shop! I was also channeling a little bit of this ribcage look with the top part.
  3.  Aphrodite Lady: One of the most iconic looks from the ARTPOP era (and most replicated by fans) is probably the seashell bikini! Gaga's worn many variations of this, and I really wanted to incorporate it for its scope for easy customisation. I painted them black and finished with a whole lot of W7's Cosmic Nail Dust in Black, which is the most super holographic glittery goodness. This look is often called 'Aphrodite Lady' as it's the name mentioned in the song Venus, which Gaga usually performs in this outfit. Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love, and Venus the Roman equivalent; which leads us nicely onto...
  4. Boticelli's Birth of Venus: This instantly-recognisable painting was paid homage to by Gaga in her video for 'Applause'. Here this wasn't necessarily the physical aesthetic I incorporated, more the essence and message. Ancient mythology has always been of interest to me - especially Greek and Roman.
Essentially, the common theme running through these 4 elements was the strength and grace of Goddesses. I wanted to embody their femininity but also their power.

For makeup I {attempted} to recreate this graphic 'half' eyeliner look, also from the G.U.Y video...

A better shot of my headpiece(s), which were an adapted belt and necklace. Nails were these beauts by Henry Holland.

Please appreciate this beautiful public transport moment. I don't think the Jubilee line has ever seen such glamour on a Sunday morning.

With my absolute babe of a friend Ali, who was picked out of the audience by Gaga and danced with her onstage.
Yes, you read that right - watch the video for yourself here - I'm sure you'll agree he absolutely killed it!

I still can't believe how close we were, I took the above photo without any zoom! Dressing up was so much fun in itself, but the actual concert experience was on a whole other level.

Thank you Gaga for such a spectacular time - you certainly gave both Ali and I an experience neither of us will forget!

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Thursday, 13 November 2014

currently coveting - blog/wear/music/want ¦ november

After a ~brief~ hiatus (3 months to be precise) I am delighted to at last present the newly revamped 'Currently Coveting' feature here on fabuleuse, toujours! I just felt there was so much I wanted to showcase each month that I decided to distinguish 4 categories: blog, wear, music, want.

Each month I'll be rounding up my favourites as follows:
Blog - I love love love reading + discovering other blogs, so how better to pass on the love than by sharing my favourites with you guys?! 
Wear - From nail polish to necklaces; my fashion/beauty pick of the month. 
Music - What I'm listening to
Want - My must-have of the month!

And so without further ado, let's talk November favourites!

Friday, 7 November 2014

outfit: leather & faux fur

faux fur jacket - vintage (similar here, here, & here)
printed 'painted tee - Super Massive via TK Maxx
leather look trousers - River Island via charity shop
hat - depot vente
ankle boots - TK Maxx

Sunday, 2 November 2014

travel → Milan, Italy

Two weekends ago I found myself in Milan for the weekend to celebrate my mum's birthday. It was my first time in this fashion capital, and given the pristine reputation Italy as a whole has for architecture, food and of course its fashion houses, it's safe to say I was beside myself with excitement. And it did not disappoint - I can only describe every aspect of our trip as nothing short of beautiful. Like the arresting, beguiling sort of beauty you see on Pinterest boards (I was going to say travel catalogues but I think those are somewhat redundant now...). 

Highlights for me were The Duomo (which I already talked about here), food (gelato gelato gelato), and the fashion district. I always find it fascinating to visit the boutiques of fashion houses wherever I travel to see how they differ from place to place - probably something to do with the marketing student in me. Versace was obviously a standout for me, if anyone wants to get me an early Christmas present the Medium Signature Bag and/or cropped teal leather jacket with embellishments will do just nicely...