Sunday, 21 December 2014

beauty: winter party fragrance - Angel by Thierry Mugler

As far a fragrances go, this one certainly polarises noses mainly due to to its notes, which include well - just about everything. As YouTube fragrance connoisseur Katie Puckrik (highly recommend checking out her YouTube channel) puts it:

"Angel smells like an Oprah gift basket melting in the sun...after she sat on it".

Its top notes alone comprise of melon, coconut, mandarin orange, cassia, jasmine, bergamot and cotton candy...enough for you? As you can probably guess from those ingredients, Angel is on the sweet side. However, its base notes are what stops is from becoming a sticky, sickly dessert platter affair. Yes, the base notes include chocolate, vanilla and caramel, but it's the earthy patchouli that adds a darker, earthier dimension to the scent that balances it all out.

One of the coolest things about Thierry Mugler Angel is how differently it smells on each wearer. All perfumes react differently to our individual body chemistries, but with a perfume containing a range of notes as diverse as Angel's; the possibilities are truly endless. I know of people who wear Angel and end up smelling something like if a cotton candy stall collided with an apple pie stall, and were drenched in syrup, whereas on me I get berries, chocolate (basically Black Forest Gateaux) and earthy, heady patchouli the longer I wear it.

A perfume composed so extensively of gourmand (edible) notes may not sound like the ideal thing to be wearing at a time when food can be found on seemingly every surface, however for me Angel really reaches its prime in the crisp, cool winter air. There's no way I could imagine wearing this in spring/summer, so for me - this is the fragrance I like to spritz on at Christmas/New Year's. And please note the word spritz - less is more when it comes to Angel, you can smell this stuff from a mile away. Plus, it has incredible staying power - you definitely get your money's worth.

What do you think of Angel by Thierry Mugler? Love it or hate it? If it's not your thing, what's your festive party fragrance?
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Thursday, 18 December 2014

outfit: winter pastels at Schloss Benrath

monochrome cardigan - TK Maxx tweed/boucle miniskirt - Opening Ceremony via charity shop (similar here)snake-embossed structured bag - Dune via TK Maxx  (available in plain leather here)ankle boots - TK Maxx 

Saturday, 13 December 2014

travel → Cologne/Düsseldorf Christmas markets, Germany

Hey again blogging world - I am officially done with my penultimate semester of university and so Christmas vacation has commenced! I'm planning to do a lot of blogging over the break and to start off I thought I'd share these fantastically festive photos from my recent trip to Germany.

I went to visit some friends from my French semester abroad last year and it ended up being a super busy visit, packing in 5 cities in one weekend! In total I travelled almost 700 miles - Düsseldorf>Gevelsberg>Cologne>Venlo>Düsseldorf>Emmerich! Venlo is in The Netherlands so I even got to visit 2 countries, which of course for most people living near borders in Europe is a completely normal thing but for me it's such a novelty. I was so lucky to have two guides to show me around, I definitely wouldn't have been able to see as much without them<3 p="">
As you can see many Christmas markets were visited (7 in total!!!), which for a Christmas fanatic like me was simply ideal. It was the perfect start to the Christmas season; sampling fried treats, sipping hot Christmas drinks and just soaking up the general seasonal atmosphere.

The last few photos were taken at Schloss Benrath, an 18th century palace that to be quite honest is the stuff dreams are made of - I mean look at it, it's pink!!! I did take some outfit photos there, which I'm super excited to share with you all!

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

outfit: farewell autumn

mustard jacket - TK Maxx
forest green rollneck jumper - Primark
orange chunky knit scarf - very old (similar here)
painted skirt - ROMWE
ankle boots - TK Maxx
vintage necklace - charity shop
snake-embossed structured bag - Dune via TK Maxx (available in plain leather here)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

outfit: blue bouclé miniskirt

cropped turtleneck - Primark
tweed/boucle miniskirt - Opening Ceremony via charity shop (similar here)
ankle boots - T K Maxx